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What next - the Power Rangers?

by Chris Pragnell

He stood for summary justice and ruthless, unwavering law enforcement.

Now Dick Tracy appears to have turned his hard-nosed talents to PR. Faced with hostile opposition from the community, developers of Battersea Power Station have decided to get tough. Parkview's vision of an £800 million leisure complex on the historic site has never warmed many local hearts. What Parkview needed was someone who could take their vision to the people. Someone who could talk to the people, and hopefully bring them round to the Parkview way of thinking. Enter Dick Tracey, the company's new "community liaison officer". Sadly, this particular Dick (as in the detective) is not the pinstriped macho man of Hollywood lore - and had an "e" in his surname. He is Dick Tracey, former MP for Kingston and Surbiton, and husband of Wandsworth councillor Kathy Tracey.

Posted on 30th August 2004

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