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Pink Floyd

The story of Pink Floyd and Battersea Power Station

Pink Floyd 'Animals' album cover Pig & chimney

Photographs for the cover of Pink Floyd's Animals album were taken in early December 1976. For the photo shoot, an inflatable pink pig, made by the Zeppelin company, was tethered to one of the southern chimneys. However the pig broke free of its moorings and rose into the flight path of London Heathrow Airport to the astonishment of pilots in approaching planes. The runaway pig was tracked by police helicopters before coming to ground in Kent. Whether the pig escaped, or was released on purpose to increase publicity, is not known. Animals was officially launched at an event at Battersea Power Station in January 1977.

The Animals album is one of the main reasons for the worldwide fame of Battersea Power Station. A large proportion of the visitors to our guestbook are Pink Floyd fans.

These pictures of the pink pig before its escape were taken by BPSCG chairperson Brian Barnes. The last is the view from Brian's flat.

Pig & Butcher's Arms Pig on the wing
Pig fromThessaly Road Pig from Brian's flat

See also Rock Sets: The Astonishing Art of Rock Concert Design, Sutherland Lyall, Thames & Hudson, 1992; and Pink Floyd: a visual documentary, Omnibus Press, 1988.


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