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Bauforum for East Battersea

On 25th February 1995 BPSCG staged the Battersea Power Station Forum: a Saturday conference chaired by Anita Pollack MEP.

The keynote speaker was the internationally renowned architect, Will Alsop, whose offices are based in Battersea.  Will Alsop put forward the idea of a "Bauforum" for Battersea Power Station, as a way for coming up with a new vision for the area.

In 1985 Will Alsop had taken part in the a Bauforum in Hamburg, which looked at the Elbe waterfront in that city.  The Bauforum brought together architects, politicians, developers and local people in a series of meetings held over several days.

The Elbe riverfront has subsequently enjoyed a renaissance of life and activity.  Alsop's practice, Alsop & Stormer, designed a ferry terminal as part of the renewal scheme.

BPSCG, with Anita Pollack and Alsop & Stormer, arranged two further meetings in 1995 to discuss a possible Bauforum for East Battersea.  The meetings were addressed by Egbert Kossak, chief planner of the City of Hamburg.


BPSCG advocates a Bauforum for East Battersea as a way of coming up for a new vision of the area.  A Bauforum would give everyone an opportunity to have their say about the future of Battersea Power Station and the surrounding sites.

Click this link to read the full report on the Battersea Power Station Forum, originally published in the Battersea Bulletin, Edition No 16, Summer 1995.


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