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Information about Battersea Power Station

Joakim Nordlander's Battersea Power Station site

A Swedish site with facts, photos and links about Battersea Power Station.

Vauxhall Society

Page about Battersea Power Station, on the web site of a neighbouring community group. Useful technical information about how a coal fired power station works.


The entry about Battersea Power Station in Wikipedia, the free on-line encyclopedia.

Wonders of World Engineering

Articles from the 1930's Magazine Wonders of World Engineering, including Battersea Power Station. Requires Dj Vu plug in.

Successful reuse projects elsewhere

Dean Clough, Halifax

The former Crossleys carpet factory, converted by Sir Ernest Hall into a cultural and business centre.  A model for what Battersea Power Station could become.

Tate Modern

The former Bankside Power Station, also designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, now home to the Tate's modern art collection

Related organisations

Battersea Power Station Company Limited

A not for profit company with charitable status, established by members of Battersea Power Station Community Group to assist in the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station

Crystal Palace Campaign

A related campaign which has hich has successfully prevented a 20-cinema multiplex from being built on the historic site in Crystal Palace Park where the re-built (Sydenham) Crystal Palace used to stand.

Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society (GLIAS)

Recently launched site.  BPSCG and GLIAS have both been involved in the campaign to rescue Battersea Water Pumping Station.

The Land Is Ours

TLIO campaigns peacefully for access to the land, its resources, and the decision-making processes affecting them, for everyone, irrespective of race, gender or age

Thames Online

The Community Website for the River Thames.  Information on the activities of all river groups on the Thames in London, with links to other sites. PO Box 150, Hampton, TW12.  email info@thames-online.co.uk

World Monuments Fund

The World Monuments Fund added Battersea Power Station to its list of the World's 100 Most Endangered Monuments in 2003, following an application by BPSCG.

Help and advice

An Activitsts Guide to Exploiting the Media

Click on "Publications". A handy guide by George Monbiot on all apects the media; press releases, dealing with journalists, handling interviews and generally getting your point across.

An Activitsts Guide to the Planning System

Click on "Publications". A equally useful guide on The Land Is Ours site to the operation of the British planning system, with useful commentary on how it should be improved.

Battersea Power Station Merchandise

You On Earth

Battersea Power Station logo on shirts, T-shirts, tank tops and hoodies. Shirts available in a range of colours.


Brian Barnes MBE

Brian Barnes' Wikipedia page.  A work in progess.

Parkview International

Contains details of the proposed leisure centre development.  Good for a laugh.

Battersea Place redevelopment

Information about the local campaign by local groups to resist over-development of the Battersea Place site (formerly Ralph West Hall) in Albert Bridge Road, Battersea.


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