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5th November 2006 : BPSCG members outwit Parkview security to unfurl banner at "China Power Station" exhibition





BPSCG members display the banner at the "China Power Station" exhibition today.  Photos: Anon

BPSCG members unfurled a banner at Battersea Power Station today, the last day of the "China Power Station" exhibition. The banner, displaying the logo: "Don't let Parkview destroy me", was taken into the Power Station by BPSCGs member and displayed to the public visiting the exhibition.

The banner was unfurled as a protest against the appalling neglect of Battersea Power Station, discovered on our previous visit to the "China Power Station" exhibition on 27th October.

Whilst the banner was being unveiled, other BPSCG members handed out copies of a flyer (pdf file) and post cards to members of the public queuing for the exhibition in Battersea Park Road.

After the unveiling, BPSCG members gathered at the gates to speak to members of the public who had visited the exhibition. To judge by conversations we had at the gates, members of the public are every bit as appalled as we are by Parkview's neglect.

More photographs of decaying brickwork, plant growth, water leakages, stalactites, corroding steel and other crimes against the listed building will be posted here shortly.

Click here (pdf file) to read the flyer handed out today.

We asking our supporters to write to Dr Simon Thurley, Chief Executive of English Heritage to ask what his organisation intends to do to stop Parkview destroying this London landmark.

Dr Thurley's address is:

1 Waterhouse Square
138 - 142 Holborn
London, EC1 2ST
Tel: 020 7973 3000


Posted on 5th November 2006



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