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Pigs fly again over Battersea Power Station at BPSCG demonstration on 26th June

Pink pig balloons and placards


Demonstrators brandishing helium-filled pigs braved the weather on Monday evening to protest against the proposed demolition of Battersea's iconic chimneys.

Protesters carried placards demanding that the chimneys be spared. Other placards asked Victor Hwang about the whereabouts of Mike Swinney, recently reported to have walked out of the project.   Also Michael Roberts, Chief Executive of Parkview International London, rumoured to have resigned.

Among the demonstrators was the sculptor Ian Walters.  The Police were also in attendance, sheltering from the rain in their patrol car.

The demonstration was called by BPSCG several weeks ago, to protest about the start the demolition of the chimneys, which was thought would be starting at about this time.

However it has recently emerged that Parkview are now proposing to demolish the chimneys using a crane used to assemble North Sea oil rigs.  The change of plan will require a new planning application to Wandsworth Council, with the demolition delayed until the end of the year.

The protest was reported in the Wandsworth Borough News on 28th June. In the article BPSCG member Keith Garner accused Parkview of stalling for time, saying that the company is just sitting on the land while it increases in value: "This is just another delaying tactic by Parkview".

In response, Parkview's Ian Rumgay claims the work will be done faster using the crane: "I would have thought that would please Battersea Power Station Community Group. It is always accusing us of dragging our feet but we have to make sure this is practical".

However as we have previously reported, the chimneys can be repaired and do not need to be demolished at all.  BPSCG does not want to see fake chimneys, when the originals are fine.

Lots of expensive cars with personalised number plates were seen leaving the Parkview compound on Monday night.  But it doesn't look like Parkview will spending its money on the Power Station any time soon.

Posted on 28th June 2006

Demonstrators at Battersea Power Station

Photos: Sujeong Lee



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