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BPSCG demands answers as Rob Tincknell fiddles with the plans

1st March 2017

The latest variation at Battersea Power Station is to change the Gehry and Foster blocks of flats into offices.

The interesting comparison revealed by Peter Watts from the interview he had with Rob Tinchknell for his book Up in Smoke: the Failed Dreams of Battersea Power Station plus what Rob has said in the Financial Times is telling.

Rob told Peter that they had a scientific theorum that creates a perfect community of homes, shops and businesses. But now that Apple will take half the space the formula is out the window and flats will be replaced by offices.

Where does that leave the 100 affordable (not family size) flats in the Foster building? Not the first time that Rob has fiddled the plan. The proposed hotel will now be one bed flats due to there being five other hotels nearby.

We were never told that a variation into the east wall of the power station would be to totally demolish and then rebuild to accommodate a row of windows. It does appear that Wandsworth planners and Historic England are overwhelmed by the secret and total control by the developer.

We wonder if there will be more consutation or is it all out of control?

The Gehry and Foster blocks should become social, affordable and mid-priced housing. There could be some office space at the lower levels. But with a housing crisis in London of unpreceended severity, these buildings should not be given over to offices in their entirety.

Brian Barnes MBE Chair of Battersea Power Station Community Group

Tel: 020 7627 5821

Posted on 1st March 2017

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