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8pm Thursday 17th June

at the Yvonne Carr Community Centre Thessaly Road, London SW8

Speakers: Lord Dubs of Battersea,  Martin Linton MP,  Brian Barnes

Battersea Power Station, circa 1940
  • 9000 jobs
  • 705 flats
  • 1000 room hotels
  • 3500 parking spaces
  • 50m office block
  • Opening in 2007

Will local people benefit from these new plans?

We are being consulted, yet again, on new plans for Battersea Power Station and the land surrounding the Grade II listed building. We were consulted in 1986 and 1996 but our hopes for work to start after many promises have not been realised.

Plans have been constantly revised over the 21 years since the Power Station stopped producing electricity in 1983 and we have be asked for our views many times about different variations. First there was to be a new railway station and now there will not be one, there was to be an airwalk from Battersea Park Station and now there is not. There was to be an elaborate jetty and now there will be just a regular floating pier.

First there was going to be a theme park, then a Roman hill town, then a circus, then an exclusive shopping centre and now a large multifunctional space inside the power station. This sounds like the developer has run out of ideas for the 1m sq. ft inside the Power Station building. Offices have grown from 15 to 18 storeys.

The developer does know, in great detail, how to develop the surrounding land to create the maximum profit with its hotels, offices and luxury flats while neglecting the famous landmark They claim there will be 9000 new jobs, but in their Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) only 123 out of 1350 construction jobs are earmarked for local people who live within a bus ride away.

Then there may be 3000 jobs for local people, in 2007, when the building work is complete and hotels and offices will open and will need service workers. 9000 new jobs for local people is a massive exaggeration.

There will be 705 flats, unlike all other new large developments there will be no affordable housing, because " there is an imbalance with the social housing near by on Savona and Patmore estates"according to the developer.

Because there will be no new rail station and with 3500 parking spaces and 80 coach parking spaces thousands of people will be coming by, already heavily congested, roads every day of the year.

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