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BPSCG demand anwers from REO as yet more proposals for the Battersea Power Station site go on display

1st June 2009

Members of Battersea Power Station Community Group will be attending the exhibition of the latest plans for the Power Station and surrounding land, taking place this week from Thursday 4th to Saturday 6th June and hope to have our questions answered as promised in the REO invitation.

This new plan is a result of our graphic image of the 1000ft “Dyson” tower which would appear as twice the size of Big Ben from the historic landmark view of the Houses of Parliament as seen from Hungerford Bridge. Our illustration, true to scale, convinced Mayor Boris Johnson to declare that he would never approve the REO scheme which would have destroyed the World Heritage view.

The latest plans seem not much better in the way that views of Battersea Power Station will only be able to be seen from helicopter flights from south of the building due to REO trying to cram in the same overdevelopment around the Grade II* listed Power Station.

REO persist with their claim that the first ever privately funded tube line to ever be built is going ahead and is viable, feasible and sensible. We doubt that this is the case on any of these points.

It is claimed that the first phase will include the restoration of the Power Station for completion in 2014 and the rest will be complete by 2020. This seems a very long time compared to other building projects such at the Olympics to be ready in 2012 with the massive construction project that entails; building many stadiums, tube station, housing, roads, canals and parks. Compare renovation of Bankside Power Station turned into Tate Modern all finished in 6 years. Look at the riverfront areas of Wandsworth where luxury flats spring up like mushrooms seemingly over night.

Here are some questions for Ronan and Barratt of REO:

Are you still going to demolish the chimneys to be replaced by replicas?

Are you going to demolish the list Grade II Water Pumping Station next to the Power Station even though planning permission for this has expired?

Why are you projecting so far ahead for renovation of the power station and the surrounding buildings?

Has the building of the tube line taken into account the geography? The power station is built on piles down to bedrock 300ft below the London Clay in the Thames valley. Is it really a “viable” option to try to build a tunnel here. Why was it never done before?

Why don't you just get on with refurbishing the Power Station, using the £110m you borrowed from HBOS?

Is it all just smoke and mirrors to pretend that things will happen until the credit crunch is solved or the Power Station falls down releasing you from it’s renovation and then to sell the cleared site for luxury flats?


Brian Barnes MBE Chair of Battersea Power Station Community Group

Tel: 020 7627 5821

Posted on 1st June 2009

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