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BPSCG response to latest proposals for Battersea Power Station by Treasury Holdings

10th June 2009

Rob Tincknell of REO admits that the previous Vinoly plan was on course to fail from the start but they persisted with the "rubbish" scheme that we dubbed “bonkers” at the launch. It was only following publication of our Bulletin with a montage of the “Dyson” chimney looming up behind Big Ben that Mayor Johnson said he would never allow the scheme to proceed even after REOs feeble attempt to reduce the height by 50 metres. 

Tincknell also claimed that the Power Station has been subjected to "rubbish schemes" over the decades and this has got to include Vinoly’s which is the worst so far and makes Parkview’s former plans look positively benign by comparison. This caused a 2 year delay in redevelopment as seems to be the pattern.

Tincknell says the 63 mtr high luxury flats are “in the mould of John Nash”. Nothing could be further from the elegant Georgian terraces in London than these bog standard blocks and is the most audacious reference to a great architect ever pronounced. Similar flats will be seen next door at Chelsea Wharf and at Battersea Reach, in fact anywhere along the river from Greenwich to Putney. There is hardly any difference in any of these new developments and this includes the flats at the Power Station. (Notice how developers call the reaches of the Thames by the incorrect location Chelsea is Battersea and Battersea is Wandsworth depending which area of London has the richer postcode).

There is no accurate detail about the internal uses of the Grade II* Power Station but REO seem to think that putting windows in the bare brick walls will be acceptable to English Heritage and the 20th Century Society but it will seen as a desecration of a protected structure.

Out of 3,700 luxury flats there is little affordable housing this should be an outright rejection by the Mayor and Wandsworth Council.

Tinknell claims that a hospital will serve the local community Did he ask the NHS and are there not large hospitals at St John’s Hill (brand spanking new) and St Thomas’s at Westminster Bridge with new children’s hospital. When challenged, Tincknell said it would be private for minor surgery.

We are amused to hear that the ubiquitous Arab potentate from a sovereign state is in talks to fund the tube line. What is in it for him as an investor - a line that goes to one stop which is a dead end?

Our big worry is the tacit ambition to get the Power Station demolished with the first assault on the reasonably sound chimneys - once demolished never to be seen again - is our fear.

Brian Barnes MBE Chair of Battersea Power Station Community Group

Tel: 020 7627 5821

Posted on 10th June 2009

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