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15th October 2004


At the Wandsworth Council planning committee meeting last night 14th October 2004 Chairman Cllr Govindier announced that the Government Office for London had faxed, at 6.00pm that night, issuing an Article 14 Direction preventing the issue of planning permissions.

What happens next depends on the view GoL take of the legal position when they have studied it closer.

We also learned that the former Borough Planner, Ian Thompson, who retired last Christmas, now works for Parkview, as he was there last night advising them. Thompson was Borough Planner for the whole of the time that Parkview have been in control of Battersea Power Station 1993 - 2003.

The committee went ahead with the debate on the merits of the plan in any case. All rather pointless as they could not issue a permission while the Article 14 is in place.

Tony Belton and Sadiq Khan (Labour) had reservations about the inadequacy of the public transport provision which rather relies on other agencies to provide these, as the only link to the Power Station is a ghost station that Railtrack refuses to join to Victoria and the face lift for Battersea Park Station will not make more trains appear. Gone is the Air-walk to the Power Station and visitors will walk from the station, as now.

A full half hour of the debate was about a health centre needed on the site, which is a minor detail that does not even form part of the planning application. Nothing was said about the interior of the Power Station which was briefly described as "multi purpose uses" whatever that means, perhaps "nothing".

The whole plan was described by the Chairman as new and to forget all other plans that have come and gone but, if that is the case, then the Mayor, Ken Livingstone, should now have a strategic veto because there are no affordable houses in the plans even though the housing element is larger now.

This one billion pound scheme has stalled yet again largely because Wandsworth Council have failed to take the legal requirement for an Environment Impact Assessment into account. They are in danger of becoming brought to book by the European Union for ignoring European laws and there could be fines and compensation to be paid unless all the relevant laws are adhered to.

It is 21 years since redevelopment of the Power Station was first debated and we are no further advanced since then but the building is in a worse state of decay and is on the World Monuments Fund list of 100 buildings at risk and English Heritage 'seriously at risk' list also

Battersea Power Station Community Group wants the building to be redeveloped and as Councillor MacCausland stated, and we agree, it is a world class scheme but unfortunately it is being decided by people without world class thinking.

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