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23rd September 2003

Battersea Power Station on list of 100 of the World's most endangered monuments

On 25th September the list of the World's most endangered monuments will be announced at St George's Church, Bloomsbury by the World Monuments Fund.

Battersea Power Station has been included following our application, which is sponsored by Lord Alf Dubs of Battersea, to show how much the famous building is at risk of serious neglect.

We showed a delegation of the WMF around the building in March and representatives from New York, Paris and London agreed that the building should be listed. Other buildings around the World listed in previous years include buildings in New Delhi, Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia, and Petra in Jordan.

The Power Station has been derelict for 20 years and without a roof since 1987. The Current owners Parkview International (Halcyon Estates) acquired the building in 1993 but no works have been carried out since then.

English Heritage also lists the Power Station as "very bad" on its list of buildings at risk.

We are campaigning to get the listing increased to Grade II* with the help of the World Monuments Fund.

Lord Dubs has suggested that Parkview surrender the freehold of Battersea Power Station to a Public Interest Trust and enter into a leaseback agreement that would free up the 18 acres of surrounding land for their development of hotels and flats.


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