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25th October 2004


A new film on DVD has been produced by Eclipse Films , Arizona USA by Kevin Murphy. "Battersea Power Station is just one of many modern day buildings that have outlived their original purpose to society. Leaving a quandary to this generation for the correct revival of a building that has become not only an accepted part of the landscape of London, but part of the heritage and history of a great nation. Dedicated to the people of Wandsworth."

Narrated by Beverley lane, Appearances by Brian Barnes and Keith Garner of BPSCG and Ian Rumgay of Parkview. Brian Barnes says: "It is really great. I especially enjoyed Ian Rumgay describing Parkview as the custodians of the landmark and then said that the World Monuments Fund were wrong to say it was at risk while he stood in front of a scene of total dereliction, wearing a builders hard hat, and with no part of the structure that was undamaged. It look like a bomb had hit the power station."

"I also thought his description of uses that might someday appear inside the Power Station had very little reality to them. It is interesting to recall those uses that were going to be in the building down the years, Theme Park (like Alton Towers), Roman Hill Town (like Caesar's Palace Las Vegas), 32 Cinemas (Warner Village), Up-market Shopping Mall (Bluewater), Circus (Cirque du Soliel), Winter Garden (Eden Project), Theatre (Disney), Restaurants (Conran). None of these are now being talked about even though they all received wide media attention with their chief executives quoted as being excited by the prospect."

"Keith comes across very well and gives our case, for a phased development that will really benefit local people, eloquently. I help with the argument, I think, wanting affordable housing and to save the listed building."

"Thank you for dedicating the film to 'The People of Wandsworth'and including quotes from the public meeting that we held in July. The views inside the Power Station have not been available to the public for many years and it is quite shocking to see the level of damage that has occurred over the last 20 years."

"I hope that the developer is refused permission to take off the roofs of the A Station and the B Station as this will completely destroy those specially listed control rooms that Rumgay made great play on in your film."

There are posters and t-shirts available to go with the 45 minute DVD.

Brian Barnes 020 7627 5821

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Press and media should contact BPSCG Chair Brian Barnes on 020 7627 5821, or e-mail brian@batterseapowerstation.org.uk

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