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Hwang family walk away from derelict Power Station in poorest part of the Borough with £200m clear profit

How sickening to be proved right about the intention of Victor Hwang. Walking away with £200 million clear profit leaving no jobs, no regeneration, a derelict power station and 13 years of pretence about wanting to save the landmark and bring prosperity to East Battersea.

All the people involved with the project have gone along with their fantasy.

English Heritage who were still believing the hype till just last week confident that work was about to start. EH stopped inspections of damage to the building in 2003 and blindly agreed to the four chimneys to be demolished and gave permission for the Art Deco ceiling of the Control Room to be demolished as well.

Wandsworth Council and the planning committee members who went along with watering down safeguards just 3 weeks ago 9/11/06 to pave the way, not for start of work, but for a quick sale with as much benefit to the land speculators and nothing for local people or Londoners.

The Wandsworth Labour Party leader Anthony Belton who told us to "eat Humble Pie" when we were sure to be proved wrong when we were derisive of the developers plans at the committee meeting.

Well, let him now resign and eat the pie himself with profuse apologies to his constituent. We feel this will be bad news for Labour in the general election in Wandsworth seats Battersea and Tooting.

Goodbye to the former Chief Planning Officer, Ian Thompson, of Wandsworth who went to work for Parkview days after he retired and advised them as their consultant at the last planning meetings for a salary of £75,000 for a part-time post.

Goodbye to Richard Tracey former MP and husband of Tory councillor Kathy. She sits on influential committees of Wandsworth Council while hubby was Community Liaison officer for Parkview.

Goodbye Steve Kennard Parkview's architect for 12 years who recently said that the chimneys would be rebuilt due to an irrevocable letter of Credit would ensure Parkview would honour rebuilding the chimneys and that they would not walk away a year ago.

Goodbye to Ian Rumgay, Parkview's Minister of Propaganda, whose announcements about the financial and commercial viability of the project have become more and more deranged as the months have gone by.

Goodbye Renee Johnson, Chair of the Battersea Power Station Community Forum and Parkview apologist.

Goodbye Victor with your Lamborghini and £30 grand customised mini, Vicky Hwang and her idea to cover the power stations plastic roof with a field of poppies. Goodbye to Leo Hwang, Mr Angry, your family has only been self interested all the time. Why not pay your income taxes? 

Hello Treasury Holdings. Do you realise that you might need to spend another £400 million on bringing the Power Station back to standard. Are you prepared to pay this? Is the price to Battersea people thousands of £million-pound luxury flats around the Power station and No jobs for locals?

Are we looking at 10 more years of plans to get your own way? Why not lease the Power Station to a Charity and they can apply for lottery funding to repair the Power Station for Londoners.


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Posted on 30th November 2006

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